How to Visualize


Rethink Priorities


August 30, 2023


This is a book to organize our knowledge of data visualization and to provide examples, code, templates, and functions that can be used across various Rethink Priorities projects.

There are several important goals we’re hoping to achieve with this book:

  1. Establish a knowledge base about how to best represent different types of data and relationships
  2. Provide examples of code that can be adjusted and incorporated to suit common data visualization needs
  3. Establish different color palettes that can be consistently used within and between Rethink Priorities projects
  4. Showcase examples of functions from the rethinkpriorities package that relate to data visualization
  5. Be inclusive by designing responsive and color-blind friendly graphs

If you have feedback, please contact any of the people below or create an issue on the GitHub repository.


This is a work in progress! At this point I would not even call it an alpha, so please be patient while we finalize this book!


Please add yourself to the list below to acknowledge your contributions.